Fast Way to Lose Belly Fat

A fast, easy way to shed some pounds of your belly

Let’s be honest, trimming belly fat is hard. When you’re in college, being fit is fairly easy. But once you get a job and work all day those extra pounds descend on you with a vengeance. It’s even harder for men who’ve been working for a few years and have families of their own. For women, it’s so hard taking care of their baby, husband and watching their weight at the same time.

Yes I know, I’ve also tried all those fancy work out routines. How many times have you started a new year with a resolution to go to the gym three times a week and get back in shape? I have several track suits and some expensive shoes in my closet that mark my failures throughout the years. I’ve signed up for a gym membership, blazed through January, slowed down a bit for Valentines and then picked up pace again. But, by April I’m usually back to my lazy old self again.

As much as I hate to admit it, as the years go by it increasingly becomes harder for me to start and stick to a regimen. Five minutes into a workout session and I’m already panting and sweating like a dog.

I recently discovered something that really helps: a slimming belt.

How they work

A slimming belt is kind of like a weight lifter’s belt. Your body is made up of approximately 70% water. Are the “gears” in your brain turning? Your belly fat is mostly water. As you work out, there is a direct relationship between the amount of sweat you generate, heat built up and energy given off. All you need is to work out, consistently and you’ll shed both water and mass off your belly.

10-15 minutes of intense cardio, three or four times a week is enough. And, the best part about it is you don’t even need to go all the way to the gym. All you need is to squeeze a few minutes into your schedule every week. Alternatively, you could less cardio and balance it out with intense walking.

What really adds a kick to this routine is applying a workout enhancing gel to your tummy before you begin your routine. It feels a bit like vaporub and you’ll feel a warm sensation as the layers of fat on your belly start to loosen and hydrolyze. You’ll produce lots of sweat around your tummy area!

The science behind it(nerd alert!!)

Your tummy is very poorly supplied with blood, hence making it easier for fat to accumulate there. Poor circulation guarantees less oxidation of fat around this area. When you trap the heat there, the blood vessels around your tummy dilate. The increased blood flow is accompanied by extra sweat to cool down this area. This encourages “burning” of the fat that would otherwise have continued to accumulate around your tummy. Your love handles will shed faster and more consistently than they otherwise would have.

When can I expect to see results?

Typically, within 2 months. You’ll notice a definite difference if you do this consistently for at least three months. Now I no longer have to wear a baggy Hawaii shirt when I go the beach.

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